About the Listening Project

What is the Listening Project?

The Listening Project was launched in 2010 with the start of the UAS One Campus, One Book selection, Listening is an Act of Love. This year’s selection, The Truth about Stories by Thomas King, continues our look at storytelling. We feel its important for members of the UAS community to have a place to share their stories, so we are offering another week of story recordings on campus.

During the week of November 7-11, 2011 anyone can sign up for a time slot to interview a friend, colleague, family member, etc. and share their story. Participants get a copy to keep and an additional copy will be archived in the Egan Library. Some stories will be selected to share online.  You can listen to the full archive of stories at the Egan Library.

A group of volunteers made up of UAS students, faculty and staff conducted the interviews and recordings on the UAS campus in April 2010. Subsequent recordings took  place in Oct 2010 and Nov 2010. Volunteers are needed for November 2011! Please contact wjgirven@uas.alaska.edu.

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